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Mo Howard

Muhammad Howard is a West Virginia University graduate holding an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services. Currently serving as the CEO and managing principal of Ultegra Financial Partners, Mr. Howard is able to draw on his vast educational experience in addition to a decade of practical experience earned while working in the finance industry.

Mo Howard, West Virginia University graduate, is just one title that the CEO of Ultegra Financial Partners is proud of. As an undergraduate, followers of collegiate football became familiar with Mo Howard, West Virginia University football player, though professors at the university knew him for his academic pursuits above all else. As a graduate student, Mo Howard of WVU put a great deal of time and effort into his studies while preparing for a career in the world of finance. It was during this time that Mr. Howard began to consider the framework for what would eventually become Ultegra Financial Partners.

Following the completion of his MBA, Mr. Howard worked in a variety of positions in the finance industry. Upon graduation, Mr. Howard accepted a position with BB&T, working as a commercial underwriter with one of the largest holding companies in all of the United States. During that time, Mr. Howard also graduated from the company’s Leadership Development Program, finishing at the top of the program.

Mr. Howard also gained additional experience in the finance industry during his time as VP at US Capital Partners, a position in which Howard oversaw all aspects of company development while focusing on structuring loans and underwriting. These experiences helped to shape Mr. Howard’s philosophy and have contributed significantly to the manner in which he approaches his current position as CEO and managing principal at Ultegra Financial Partners.

While Mr. Howard’s contributions to Ultegra Financial Partners are quite varied and vast, the company is highly regarded by clients and industry observers for its sophisticated web-based, client-centered platform. This platform allows Ultegra Financial Partners to maintain an expansive and nationwide reach, and Mr. Howard was instrumental in overseeing its development and implementation.

With Mr. Howard’s leadership as CEO and managing principal, Ultegra Financial Partners has thrived and has garnered an outstanding reputation within the finance industry. Clients and competitors alike have praised the company for its services, which include commercial lending, business consulting, small business lending and a great deal more.