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A Little Information About Me, Jody Rookstool

Here lately, I have been getting clients and customers who are curious to know more about who I am and what I’m all about. I can understand that. On this website, I have included about the business and what we stand for, but information about me is something I didn’t think anyone would take much interest in. I have decided to write a post about yours truly, Jody Rookstool, and make it as thorough¬†as I can in order to answer any questions.

As mentioned before, my name is Jody Rookstool and I was born in Texas, now happily living in Utah with a family of my own. My range of interest and topics I enjoy talking about are as broad as the great plains of Africa. I host another site as my personal blog where there is even more detailed information about me in case you are extra curious.

My #1 motive is to see people happy and successful and that is the backbone core value of Rookstool Real Estate LLC that keeps it stable and secure.

When it comes to my interest, I have always had so much I have always wanted to do, such as travel, write books, start my own business and even give parental advice and tips I’ve learned over the years. The majority of those I have accomplished, but I don’t plan to stop there.

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